What The One Leadership Project does


If you want to make big things happen you need to think and work together. Big issues need to be addressed. Building trust, connection and shared vision is important.

We might begin with events for the exec/board/trustees/council teams.

Alternatively you may bring together staff, key stakeholders and your agents of change.

Or we might discuss strategic options and scenarios to create the engagement, dialogue and progress.

Either way, we help you see the way forwards, get the system in the room, meet as humans and build deep, trusting relationships.

You begin to resolve the issues that really matter, and build the connections and commitment for the journey ahead.


“… all were feeling deeply moved, inspired and challenged…one of the most thought-provoking workshops I’ve ever been to. Excellent.”

England rugby logoKevin Bowring, England Rugby’s Head of Elite Coach Development & former Wales Head Coach

The journey together

Transformation is a journey. It involves dialogue, reflection, collaboration and decision-making.

And courage, commitment and resilience.

We bring a blend of world-class support, advice, event design, convening, coaching and training that enables that to happen.

Working with your team, across teams and 1:1, we help you build the relationships, trust, understanding, language and shared endeavour that help you make big change happen.

Working together, you get tools and approaches that make an immediate and profound impact on the way people see each other, hear each other and work together.

We share world-class skills in group working, coaching and facilitation in ways you can cascade to build skills and capacity throughout the organisation.

And you get all our experience in the human elements of big change.

By building on strengths, and pragmatically recognising and dealing with shadow sides, you create the clarity, belief, commitment and engagement required.

The best thinking happens, the toughest challenges get aired, new solutions emerge, the right decisions get made. You galvanise the energy, collaboration, support, involvement and action so that the shift you want happens.

Altogether it is support that ensures you have everything you need, from clear purpose to the results that matter, and importantly helping people with the inner journey that always accompanies the outer journey.

Even more…

“We have built a strong partnering relationship very quickly… I am particularly impressed with the inclusive and open solution finding techniques… The positive impact has been felt almost immediately.”

Vail Williams logoIan Rudland, CEO, Vail Williams LLP, offices in London, Reading, Southampton & Birmingham – Jan 2014


We evaluate progress so that our work together can respond to what’s really happening, and that you can be assured of progress and value.

CEO’s, directors and team members say:

“Our Board meetings are far more effective, inclusive and positive.”

“…a consistent knack of helping us bond closely, get everyone energised around the work we are doing and impact we are making, and enable us to energise the whole business.”

“We find ways through the problems and unlock potential for a higher ambition.”

“Our team feels more coherent and caring.”

“It has helped our people focus on a wider perspective rather than individual contribution.”

“It has enabled me to see the wider picture and greater understand my role as a manager & leader of people.”

“It has allowed me to generate ideas and think bold thoughts.”

“Our work on leadership is more embodied and authentic … more humble and courageous, more willing to trade in the uncertain and to share our vulnerabilities.”

“The work …showed us there is a way of making progress when people don’t agree.”

“We have increased levels of communication and sharing of knowledge across all functions.”

“The research involving all our 100 Chairs, Chief Executives and key leaders had an immediate impact on the leadership conversation”

The wildlife trusts logoStephanie Hilborne, Chief Executive, The Wildlife Trusts

Take the next step

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