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What’s going on in the world? And lessons for team leadership

tree in cracked clay 200Chances are you are looking at the news and seeing many countries facing big divisions of thought and uncertain of their way forwards. Many foundational beliefs regarding ‘how things are done’, ‘what we stand for’, ‘who and what we can rely on’ and ‘the way ahead’ do not seem as sure and reliable to people. You may be feeling that inside too. Relationships […]

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In loving memory…

Purple flower 200For those who like to think positively it’s been a grim few months. Almost daily violent events have added to extraordinary politics and what seems like unprecedented amounts of personal challenges for clients. Many have loved ones and friends experiencing bereavement, poor health and well-being, as well as professional concerns. We have not been untouched. Alister’s beloved wife, Sarah, died on Saturday 16th July. Her […]

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What Works for Winning Organisations?

7 habits 160On July 30th we were delighted to share 7 habits of Award Winning Organisations at a workshop in London’s Covent Garden. Based on research stretching back to 2004 and with latest case studies, backed up by experiences and practices shared by award winning attendees, the event showed how 7 habits consistently deliver for organisations. As well as winning awards, the habits build engagement, resilience, shared […]

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Beating the Brexit Blues

Brexit 200We’re not a political organisation. But it’s fair to say that in the weeks immediately following the result 1-3 hours a day of our client conversations were about Brexit. Sometimes people were voicing thoughts and feelings around the organisational and commercial impact. The vast majority was around deep personal impact. And the perspectives were pretty consistently one-sided. Few were seeing upsides to the vote.

Now, a few […]

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7 Habits of Award Winning Organisations

7 habits of award winning organisationsJune 30th Covent Garden, London, 5.30pm

(Spoiler alert – You don’t need to be looking to win an award to get something powerful from this evening.)

So here’s the story…way back in the mid-noughties I became fascinated by companies and organisations winning awards – regional, national, specialist sector, international – all sorts.

In part this was driven by a deep desire to help […]

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The Little Book of Big Change

Little Book of Big ChangeFollowing hot on the heels of our chapter on Legacy Thinking in Liz Hall’s profound book Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation,  we are in the process of publishing our first book, The Little Book of Big Change. The book is an easily accessible collection of insights and wisdoms from our work with teams that are making big […]

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Leaders solve complex questions

Legacy ThinkingThe professional staff at The New Economics Foundation looked on with curiosity. Pairs of visiting CEO’s, Chairmen and internal change agents were working the open meeting area. In each pair, one was talking, clearly from a place of deep thought, as they found insights and answers to a real, live, issue they had brought to the event. The other was listening intently. There was […]

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What should a coach do if they become aware of something that is not right?

LegacyIn the “Three Minutes to Midnight” series of articles for Coaching at Work magazine, Neil and Alister have published this piece titled “What’s the point of coaching?”.  In it they discuss what a coach should do if they discover something going on in an organisation that they are not comfortable about.

Citing the example of the emissions scandal at VW and its huge consequences, they encourage […]

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Legacy Thinking – An approach to a better now and a better future

LegacyYou are warmly invited to join us to explore Legacy Thinking as part of IMA International’s “Rethinking NGO Leadership” series.

“These principles will resonate with all concerned and responsible leaders.” Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD

Are you an NGO leader, or leading in CSR and development work?

Come and find out how legacy thinking can help you to:

  • Challenge routine leadership thinking
  • Engage and inspire your people
  • Build bridges […]
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Featured – Orchid catalysts

We are proud to be supporting The Orchid Project, the inspiring team who are working for the abandonment of female genital cutting (FGC).

Based in London, in their short life the Orchid team have played a globally catalytic role in seeing this harmful yet deeply embedded cultural practice receive much more attention. Together with partner organisations in a number of countries they are having substantial […]

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Inner journey to match

LegacyIn leadership, there is an inner journey to match the outer journey.

When your outer journey is about making big change happen, your inner journey is likely to be just as big.

This makes huge demands of people – yourself included. You will often experience frustration, isolation, vulnerability.

How might you help your team to make this journey? Do you provide support?

Do you have a culture where people […]

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Looking Forward to Looking Back

LegacyRecent days have seen the passing of some influential and much-loved personalities: David Bowie, Terry Wogan, Glenn Frey and Alan Rickman to name but four. Fans mourned. Colleagues reminisced. And baby boomers in particular, conscious of the curious way that years pass ever quicker, quietly did some maths and pondered.

Each of these personalities affected people’s lives; creating a soundtrack, bringing a warm and welcoming voice, […]

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The people whose lives you have changed (yet you may know nothing about)

Steve JobsWhen we think of leaving a legacy through our work, leadership and actions, it’s easy to compare ourselves to big names who are acknowledged for big, changing the world type work. But that’s not the way it works. And those people themselves are the results of the action, love, support and much more of others.

In this way, Karen Blumenthal’s biography of Steve Jobs is […]

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Book launch December 9th, Brighton: Crisis and Transformation

why?Many organisations now face the need to transform themselves. Some are experiencing crisis. And at a personal level, it can be hugely helpful to prepare for life’s changes.

Neil and Alister were therefore honoured to be invited to write the final chapter in a book on these topics for anyone employing a coaching style of leadership: Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation.

Written and […]

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The six dimensions of big change

bubblesAt One Leadership our mission is to support those people in organisations who are making big change happen. As we share in our forthcoming book The Little Book of Big Change, we have found that if you are leading big change, you and your team will need to address six dimensions:

  1. Purpose – you and your team need a clear, shared, inspiring purpose. How clearly can […]
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