Why we do it – the case for change

The people we work with are up to big things. They are thinking big and making it real. They are taking on the status quo. They are inspiring and catalysing new behaviours, often far beyond their direct reach. They are shifting systems. They are creating change after what may be many years of ‘stuckness’. They are making their positive mark on the future.

Here are some of the reasons that we hear from clients for working together:

  • Unsticking a situation/enabling forward motion: wanting to address the biggest and most complicated issues facing them
  • Making a difference: wanting to be a driving force for ‘better’; to change lives; create opportunities; fulfil potential; protect what is important or may be lost forever; to give back; no longer willing to wait or stand by; wanting a legacy to be proud of; wanting a better, brighter, fairer, more exciting, more sustainable future
  • Performance: wanting to be the best at what they do
  • Reputation: wanting to be known for doing the right things. Wanting to attract and retain customers, support and the best talent
  • Winning partnerships: wanting to make possible things that cannot be done alone
  • Team: working brilliantly together towards the shared endeavour
  • Adapting: dealing with changing expectations and new financial, social and environmental realities, and letting go of the past when it no longer serves
  • Resilience: growing stronger in times of change; managing and reducing risk and volatility

Why ‘One’ Leadership?

If you are up to something big you know you need to work together as one team. To make it happen you know you will need to engage with staff, customers, volunteers, partners and other stakeholders ‘as one’. And to lead with integrity and authenticity, especially in tough times, you and your people need to be personally ‘at one’ with yourselves.

That’s why it’s called The One Leadership Project.

We’ve years of experience helping people do just this.

What we say ‘no’ to

We know success comes from working with people who recognise that big change is a journey and are prepared to go deep, be open to learning, and generous in supporting others. We have identified some situations where it’s easier for all if we just say no at the start. These include:

  • People who only want to talk about it
  • If we don’t fall in love with your venture and what you are trying to do
  • Environments where the truth cannot be spoken
  • Leaders wanting us to take responsibility for what is theirs
  • Anything we are not prepared to defend in public
  • Organisations that do not believe in the value of investing in their people
  • People who are keen to fix others whilst not wishing to deal with ‘their stuff’
  • People who want to leap to quick answers without considering the bigger system, even if it is complex, uncertain and ambiguous

Take the next step

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