Journey of Transformation

Purpose to Results:

What if…you could:

  • Have a clear, inspiring, shared purpose
  • Build teams that have strong, diverse skills and perspectives but act with cohesion
  • Evolve ways of engaging your stakeholders that generate creativity, value and loyalty
  • Nurture a rewarding, productive, and supportive culture that people want to join
  • Help individual leaders to learn rapidly and develop their leadership on the job
  • Ensure that all activities are closely related to the results you wish to see
  • So that together you build a legacy to be proud of.

This is the One Leadership framework for making big change possible, getting great results, and building a positive legacy.


All organisations that create a big impact have a clear, shared, inspiring purpose. This purpose attracts support, commitment and resources. You may already have this purpose in your organisation. You may face challenges implementing it. Or you may need to develop one. Either way, this is a great place to build from.


You will need to work well together if you are to make big change possible. You need to have the right people and to act with cohesion – “as one” – if the rest of the organisation is to follow. And you may well have to create other catalytic teams to share and spread the change. We support your team(s) to act cohesively and be a source of energy and inspiration for the rest of the organisation.


The change happens when everyone makes it happen. They need to be involved. We help you create processes that “get the system in the room” to address the complex challenges that you need to resolve to achieve your big purpose. Culture is powerful: as Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”; if your clever strategy is not matched and supported by the culture of the organisation, it is unlikely to be effective. We help you to forge the culture you want.

Inner Journey

This journey for the organisation is accompanied by a personal inner journey for the key leaders. It will invite people to stretch, challenge, take on, develop and often let go of key beliefs, habits, capabilities and behaviours. We support people on that journey, providing “clean”, independent support.


Everything is aligned to ensure you get the measurable results you want that serve and support the purpose behind everything you are doing.