About us

We are driven by two questions:

Our grandchildren, not yet born, asking: “When you knew the old ways weren’t working, what did you do?”

And knowing no-one can change the world alone, but being very good at supporting those who are helping to:

“What would an organisation that does a really good job of enabling the bold, the visionary, the catalysts and the change-makers look like?”


Neil Scotton

Neil Scotton

You know those moments when a group becomes a team; when opposing views find the answer that meets everyone’s needs; when the team realises its own power and potential to take on the biggest challenges; when people connect with their wisdom, experience, passion and humanity so that the way forwards is clear and compelling? Neil loves those.

He has worked with over 200 CEO’s, Chairs, Directors, team leaders and teams, in London and the UK, and spanning US to Singapore, and the Baltics to central Africa.

His experience includes working with teams and directors, enabling them to implement world class performance transformations, receiving awards for innovation and transformational practices.

In the aspect of his work as a leadership and team coach, he has more than 2500 hours experience.

He was a director in the Engineering Employer’s Federation, building a team that achieved record recruitment and retention. Then a significant illness made him consider what the rest of his life was really all about. He left to set up a leadership organisation and simultaneously got involved in the International Coach Federation.

As President of the International Coach Federation in the UK he helped build the team that turned period of crisis into unprecedented success and international inspiration, for which he was recognised with the highest award in coaching for  ‘evolutionary leadership’ and ‘services to the global profession’.

As well as the thinking space, self-awareness and insight he brings to clients, he also draws upon his own experiences and thought leadership. Often invited to keynote or facilitate conferences, he has delivered innovative and inspiring workshops on themes such as ‘Making a Difference’, ‘The Gentle Catalyst’, ‘Legacy’, and ‘Beyond Winning’.

His co-writing with Alister exploring the role of coaching and mentoring in helping people address 21st century issues received an award for thought leadership, and their work on Legacy Thinking is published this autumn by Kogan Page.

Clients describe Neil as supportive, challenging, inspiring, courageous and insightful. He creates a safe place for exploring, listening, evolving and deciding. He helps teams build trust, awareness and understanding so that they can fearlessly have the conversations that matter. As a previous engineer, project manager and director he doesn’t shy away from helping teams and leaders turn good ideas into practical plans and real action.

He loves exploring landscapes and the connections between people and nature. He has a regular Tai Chi habit and can occasionally be seen adding a bit of folk or blues guitar playing at food festivals, pubs and the like. His been married for longer than he hasn’t and has 3 children he loves dearly.

Alister Scott

Alister ScottAlister is fascinated by the challenges of transforming organisations and systems. He relishes helping teams and leaders address complex problems.

As well as supporting clients up to big things, he is currently deeply involved in leading a project to build the UK’s largest community-owned solar farm.

He has chaired and facilitated many challenging situations, always maintaining a respectful approach that seeks to bring out the best in people, creating new depth in relationships.

Through early experiences as an outdoor education instructor in Northern Ireland in the 1980s, Alister saw many people overcome barriers, fears and disabilities.

His conviction is that everyone has the power to transform almost any obstacle given the right environment, leadership and resilience.

As a campaigner, Alister always sought out elegant interventions to shift systems. Successes included being instrumental in influencing the UK government’s stance on Antarctica and achieving protection there for 50 years.

With skills in setting context and frame for discussions he helped influence one of the UK’s largest pension funds to adopt a socially-responsible investment policy, setting a significant precedent in the City. It also led to him being involved in influential work on climate change as a risk management challenge for long-term investors.

Ten years of enabling a wide range of top experts to become thought leaders has provided him with the skills and experience to help leaders today to combine knowledge with good communication to influence media and policy debates. He has helped put experts in front of Ministers, Select Committees, international organisations, and the media. In doing so, he has deep experience of the high-pressures involved in such situations.

In 2004 Alister completed a doctorate at the University of Sussex business school: a systems analysis of the world of experts and what makes them relevant. He then went on to train in various approaches to coaching and facilitation.

Alister’s respectful approach to working with teams and leaders starts by listening and meeting people where they are. He finds it powerful to tune into each unique person and their situation, and this leads to consistently powerful outcomes. He draws on the “stakeholder centred coaching” approach when appropriate.

Alister says: “In our work with teams, we regularly hear comments like ‘we have never been so coherent, made so many good decisions, or enjoyed ourselves so much’. He helps teams to address the most complex challenges, deepen relationships, and create a shared leadership language. He approaches his work with humility but also courage, helping groups to identify and then face the things that they may have been avoiding, and then we help them to address them in ways that simultaneously heal and build the bonds that are so often damaged by the stresses of organisational life.”

Alister finds inspiration in the great outdoors, a daily mindfulness practice and the rigours and delights of family life.

Back-office Team

Nicky Forsyth

Nicky ForsythNicky helps us to plan realistic and sustainable marketing campaigns and then takes on some, or all, of the tasks for delivery. She enjoys connecting with genuine people who have a strong sense of something important they can contribute to the world; people who are prepared to stand up for important things such as treating people humanely and without criticism.

Nicky brings many years’ experience in marketing small businesses. She has often needed to convey technically difficult concepts to an intelligent marketplace. She operates through Yellowfire Marketing to help other small businesses along the same path. She is an experienced business woman and she understands the importance of making marketing budgets work hard for a business and getting the most from new media marketing opportunities.

Nicky left University with a probably very unique combination of a degree in Physics with Music and a Ph.D. in Semiconductor Physics. A nine year career in sales of scientific instrumentation followed by being number two in a start-up software company led to becoming Managing Director of a market research based software company. In 2013 Nicky moved on to set up her own marketing consultancy.

Nicky enjoys taking on big challenges. She has taken part in two ocean yacht races (one across the Atlantic), cycled Lands End to John O’Groats and gone trekking in the Himalayas. She also loves to make music, playing the violin or singing with anyone who’s willing to join her. She is married with a teenage daughter.

Martin Young

Martin YoungMartin specialises in web design – capturing the unique essence of a person or organisation and projecting it out into the world through their website. He particularly values being professional, knowledgeable and ethical in his work.
Martin’s passion is in art and design, and especially art and design that touches the heart and soul.

His approach is best summed up by this quote from the French graphic artist Jean Giraud: “Three elements must come together for the artist; beauty, truth and love. If they are present in the heart, mind and soul of the artist, it will show in the art, and it will be recognised by the people seeing the art. A connection will be made from artist to viewer.”
Martin brings a wealth of commercial experience to his work gained through experience of three start-ups in the 1980s and from a later career in training management in the telecoms sector. He also had a successful stint as a freelance management training consultant, working in a wide variety of sectors; private, public, not-for-profit, etc. and with companies ranging from multi-nationals to SMEs.

Martin loves to understand what businesses are trying to achieve through the design they are commissioning, whether it’s a web site, a logo or simply a piece of original artwork. “So if I’m designing a web site, I don’t just build you a web site based on some generic template, I get to know you and your business, and work with you to create a web site that is deeply in tune with your overall aims, vision and purpose.”

Martin has an honours degree in Law. He has travelled extensively in India looking for a deeper understanding of life. Since 2000 he has been settled in the UK with a wife and two children. Check out www.consciousnessdesigns.com for more information.

Alan Rogers

Alan RogersAlan supports the One Leadership Project’s IT systems. His company, Dreamgenius has been helping people since 1996. It provides our web and email hosting, computer and network support process improvement guidance and training. Alan is great at explaining technical stuff really simply.

He regularly volunteers for the charity SERV Surrey & South London which takes him out overnight on his motorbike transporting blood to local hospitals. He also acted as their Technical Officer for 4 years.

Alan loves being his own boss. He works harder than he ever did as an employee but values the extra flexibility which is so helpful with a young family.