NEW – from award winning writers Alister Scott and Neil Scotton

The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen


“Full of wisdom, humanity and practical ideas”

“This book gives page after page of wisdom on how to make big change happen in a holistic way.”

“Essential reading, and a resource to be dipped into and re-read over many years.”

“The simplicity of language and clarity of thinking reflects a beautifully crafted distillation of wisdom and experience.”

We’ve collected the most powerful questions, provocative thoughts and inspiring stories into this book. There will be something here that can energise, nourish and inspire you, your team and your agents of change, and maybe profoundly change the way you lead big change. We wrote this book because we…

  1. Found that certain thoughts, questions and stories we have picked up along the journey consistently helped the leaders of big change we are working with.
  2. Wanted to share these with the world in a way that recognises that people leading big change are busy.
  3. Noticed that people leading big change often love to learn, but don’t like to be taught.

What leaders are saying about The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen

“Driving big change is exciting, but difficult. This book acknowledges that and provides some practical help and support – a quiet voice of reason which will be useful for leaders and their teams alike. I loved reading it. But note: I found I wanted to stop and think about each section – so it might be deceptive if you think it will be a quick read!”

Susan Allan – Chief Transformation Officer, Santander UK

“Leading a major Infrastructure project is complex and demanding. Every new phase throws up fresh challenges. Managing these successfully requires a ‘dynamic’ organisation that constantly adapts itself to match the ever-changing risk profile.

All too often leaders will focus on the ‘what’ – the hard outputs, putting the ‘how’ is second place. In my experience they should always sit alongside each other. The little book of big change focuses the ‘how’.

For the experts it will be an aide-memoir, but for the rest of us it is an invaluable guide – a set of prompts that should be constantly referred to, practiced and delivered.”

Andrew Wolstenholme OBE FREng FICE – Chief Executive, Crossrail (Europe’s largest infrastructure project)

“We all need to remember to take the time to reflect personally, as a team and as organisations. In today’s ever changing and busy world this book is an excellent way to focus our reflections so they have meaning and create a real difference.

The simplicity of the approach hides the depth and meaning one can gain from it. The constant reframing of leadership is in itself very powerful.”

Dr Fran Woodard – Executive Director of Policy and Impact, Macmillan Cancer Support



The case for change

The world needs change. Big change. It needs organisations who can provide the thinking, technologies and practical solutions that make better ways possible. Organisations who stand for something bigger than themselves, who walk their talk and who are not afraid to adapt, challenge and shift systems. They need brilliant teams, effective collaborations, inspired catalysts and bold leadership to make it happen. Your choices now determine the future for many.

How we help

We are all about the human elements of making big change possible. We enable you to do your best thinking, clarify the strategy, convene the right people and work brilliantly together towards a shared endeavour. We help you create the dialogue, build the engagement, support the agents of change and evolve the culture needed. And we help with the ‘inner journey’; the growing, developing and letting go that always accompanies making big change happen. Read more…

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